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55 included in many package repositories as `xa65', including Homebrew on OSX in
66 the Debian repositories. The source is available at
9 Sample programs:
11 alphabet.s Prints A through Z to the terminal. Demonstrates basic
12 terminal output.
13 colors.s Prints a bunch of A's in different colors using vterm
14 mode. Demonstrates paints and vterm output.
15 echo.s Echos everything read from stdin to stdout, transforming
16 letters into uppercase. Demonstrates terminal input.
17 minigame.s Move a character around a vterm with hjkl. Demonstrates
18 a more complex vterm application.
19 spam.s Writes A through Z repeatedly, filling the vterm.
20 Demonstrates vterm output and how to do indirect
21 addressing to address the whole vterm.