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import qbs
import qbs.Process
import qbs.File
import qbs.FileInfo
import qbs.TextFile
import "../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/ofApp.qbs" as ofApp

    property string of_root: "../../.."

    ofApp {
        name: { return FileInfo.baseName(path) }

        files: [

        of.addons: [

        // additional flags for the project. the of module sets some
        // flags by default to add the core libraries, search paths...
        // this flags can be augmented through the following properties:
        of.pkgConfigs: []       // list of additional system pkgs to include
        of.includePaths: []     // include search paths
        of.cFlags: []           // flags passed to the c compiler
        of.cxxFlags: []         // flags passed to the c++ compiler
        of.linkerFlags: []      // flags passed to the linker
        of.defines: []          // defines are passed as -D to the compiler
                                // and can be checked with #ifdef or #if in the code

        // other flags can be set through the cpp module:
        // eg: this will enable ccache when compiling
        // cpp.compilerWrapper: 'ccache'

            name: "cpp"

        // common rules that parse the include search paths, core libraries...
            name: "of"

        // dependency with the OF library
            name: "openFrameworks"

    references: [FileInfo.joinPaths(of_root, "/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/openFrameworks.qbs")]