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# cimgui-sokol-starterkit

A minimal cross-platform starter-kit to write simple
Dear ImGui tools for Windows, Linux and macOS in C.

[WASM version]( (see below for build instructions)

## Clone:

> git clone
> cd cimgui-sokol-starterkit

## Build:

> mkdir build
> cd build

> cmake ..
> cmake --build .

To build a Release version on Linux and Mac:

> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRel ..
> cmake --build .

To build a Release version on Windows with the VisualStudio toolchain:

> cmake ..
> cmake --build . --config MinSizeRel

NOTE: on Linux you'll also need to install the 'usual' dev-packages needed for X11+GL development.

## Run:

On Linux and macOS:
> ./demo

On Windows with the Visual Studio toolchain the exe is in a subdirectory:
> Debug\demo.exe
> MinSizeRel\demo.exe

## Build and Run WASM/HTML version via Emscripten (Linux, macOS)

Setup the emscripten SDK as described here:

Don't forget to run ```source ./``` after activating the SDK.

And then in the ```cimgui-sokol-starterkit``` directory:

mkdir build
cd build
emcmake cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRel ..
cmake --build .

To run the compilation result in the system web browser:

> emrun demo.html

...which should look like [this](

(this procedure should also work on Windows with ```make``` in the path, but
is currently untested)

## IDE Support

### Visual Studio (Windows)

On Windows, cmake will automatically create a Visual Studio solution file in
the build directory, which can be opened with:

> start cimgui-sokol-starterkit.sln

### Xcode (macOS)

Replace ```cmake ..``` with ```cmake -GXcode ..``` and open the generated
Xcode project:

> cmake -GXcode ..
> open cimgui-sokol-starterkit.xcodeproj

### Visual Studio Code (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Use the [MS C/C++ extension](
together with the [MS CMake Tools extension](
and start Visual Studio code from the project's root directory. The CMake
extension will detect the CMakeLists.txt file and take over from there.

## Notes:

The repository contains snapshots of the following libraries:

- [Dear ImGui](
- [cimgui]( (C bindings for Dear ImGui)
- [Sokol Headers]( (only what's needed)

I'm not planning to do frequent updates to newer versions of those 
files, so the versions contained in here may be behind. Updating
your own copies is trivial though, just copy the new files from
the original repositories over the files contained here.

I tried to keep the CMake file as simple as possible (unfortunately
it's not quite as simple as I had liked, because of some cross-platform

All the important code is in ```demo.c```.