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(ql:quickload :alexandria)
(in-package :so3-cnc)

(defmacro gathering (&body body)
  "Run `body` to gather some things and return a fresh list of them.

  `body` will be executed with the symbol `gather` bound to a
  function of one argument.  Once `body` has finished, a list of
  everything `gather` was called on will be returned.

  It's handy for pulling results out of code that executes
  procedurally and doesn't return anything, like `maphash` or
  Alexandria's `map-permutations`.

  The `gather` function can be passed to other functions, but should
  not be retained once the `gathering` form has returned (it would
  be useless to do so anyway).


      (dotimes (i 5)
        (gather i))
    (0 1 2 3 4)

      (mapc #'gather '(1 2 3))
      (mapc #'gather '(a b)))
    (1 2 3 a b)

  (alexandria:with-gensyms (result)
    `(let ((,result nil))
       (flet ((gather (item)
                (push item ,result)
       (nreverse ,result))))