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Installing grandmaster

Install the required dependencies:
    jansson (for JSON marshalling and unmarshalling)
        debian derivatives: apt-get install libjansson4
        openbsd: pkg_add jansson
    check (unit testing framework)
        debian derivatives: apt-get install check
        openbsd: pkg_add check
    GNU make
        linux: almost certainly already installed
        openbsd: pkg_add gmake

Building grandmaster requires GNU make; BSD make (and thus
presumably other POSIX-compatible make implementations not from
GNU) do not support the included makefile. This is because GNU
make is really great: life is better with wildcard transformation
rules and the ability to include Makefiles generated by gcc for
header dependency management.

Oh, speaking of which: I have no idea whether this works with any
C compiler other than GCC, but it should at least work with GCC
from 4.2.1 and 4.6.3. Warnings are set up to be errors in the
project, and warnings often change from version to version; please
file issues if you see issues with other versions of GCC or with

To run the test suite, run "make test" (or "gmake test", if on a
non-GNU-by-default system). To create the gm binary, run
"gmake dist/gm".