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Required libraries:

- World Wind Java
  WWJ is included with the distribution in the jars/worldwind
  directory. It has been tested and is functioning on Mac (all
  architectures), Windows 7 (all architectures), and Linux (all
  If you get multiple exceptions about texture support, the globe
  doesn't show up on the location tab, and you are running Linux or
  Mac, install and run driconf and set "Enable S3TC texture
  compression..." to Yes.

- Java3D Java3D is not included in the distribution. It can be
  downloaded at
  Robocopter Server will not start unless the java3d core, java3d utils
  and vecmath jarfiles are in the classpath. It also expects
  libj3dcore-ogl to be present in /lib. If your libj3dcore is in a
  different directory, you can change this in the run script by adding
  your directory to the java.library.path in the run-phase.

  To install Java3D for Ubuntu:
    - Install libjava3d-java using your favorite package manager
    - Create the symbolic links for the library:
        # ln -s /usr/lib/jni/ /lib/
    - Add the following three jarfiles to your classpath:
        - /usr/share/java/j3dcore.jar
        - /usr/share/java/j3dutils.jar
        - /usr/share/java/vecmath.jar
      This can be done using the following command:
        $ echo CLASSPATH\=\$CLASSPATH:/usr/share/java/j3dcore.jar:/usr/share/java/j3dutils.jar:/usr/share/java/vecmath.jar >> ~/.zshrc
      Make sure to replace ~/.zshrc with the profile for whatever shell 
      you use. You will need to restart your terminal after running 
      this command.