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ArtRay: A Haskell Raytracer

Running ArtRay

Compilation is handled by the script. After running,
you can execute ArtRay as follows:

    ./ar [input scene] [output image]

Output is always written in PNG format. Input is in ArtRay format, which is
essentially a bunch of nested data constructors. Better docs for this are on
their way -- until they arrive, the samples in scenes/ give some examples as to
how to specify a scene, and all of the primitives available to you can be seen
in ArtRay/Primitives.hs.

Current Features

* Half-plane primitive
* Phong reflectance
* Shadows, including partial occlusion by transparent materials
* Point light sources
* Basic reflection model
* Basic refraction model
* Anti-aliasing (new!)
* Depth of field

Planned Features:

* Triangle meshes
* Texturing
* B-Spline surfaces
* Parallel rendering
* Reflected light sources
* Metaballs